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bigelowC.O.Bigelow is the beauty products landmark in NYC, if you will. It’s the oldest apothecary-pharmacy in the U.S. Founded in 1838, this West Village institution has unparalleled selection of hard-to-find cosmetics and homeopathic remedies. Besides the international skincare lines,  Bigelow’s has its own brand of affordable, smartly-packaged soaps and many made from historic recipes. My friend in Paris can’t live without their mint body scrub but doesn’t really suggest the day face cream which has a scrub effect ! RB

414 Sixth Ave., New York, NY 10014
nr. 9th St.



John Patrick Organic

John Patrick Organic

Fashion week starts tomorrow. Though some events happens today amongst them John Patrick Organic‘s presentation and Fashion Night Out.

The former took place this morning at Keens, a speakeasish steak house midtown as the collection is designed in this mood. Quiet a few fashion journalists showed up with pen, note books and camera close at hand. Hairstylists were from Aveda crew, one of the greatest beauty spot in town.

The latter is happening tonight. More than 700 shops are open till 11 pm. Anna Wintour put on the event, she wanted to push for consumption as the fashion industry complained about the economic turmoil. Such a great idea while most of the people are facing enormous financial problems, isn’t it ? The good news is that lot of shops will have free champagne, food, music, exhibitions … The New York Magazine has even published a frugal guide of it ! Thanks to Anna Wintour, some will save some money tonight !RB © RB


waxAmerican women are beauty freaks. Yet, I found out that in America there is barely no waxing culture. It doesn’t mean that women doesn’t wax, it just means that the methods to wax are not good. They mainly use the stripes which rip the hair instead of tearing off the root of it. Hair grow faster, thicker when they don’t get stuck under the skin and then pimples emerge.  I never found a beauty shop in NYC where the wax is made, applied and removed with the hand not to mention the honey one until I stumbled upon Julien Farel, an excellent French hair dresser who does the perfect haircut that last perfectly for a couple of month. It better be because he is quite expensive. Though you paid what you get ! Julien Farel is also the official hairdresser of the US Open ! Not only he also has a beauty spa in his salon where he offers the “european“ waxing : $ 75 bikini and half lower leg ! I warmly recommended. RB.

Jo Malone closes the Flatiron boutique

jo malone newyork_picjo malone.cologneJo Malone opened a shop in the Flatiron Buildingin 2001 that will close, on June 12. Even though this English parfumeur, widely renowned for  her handmade scents and products, had been bought in 1999 by Estee Lauder, the company can not afford anymore the rent asked by the landmark building. I heard it’s $ 70 000 per month… Hard to believe. Anyway Joe Malone keeps the tiny shop on Madison and sells at Bendel, Bergdorf, and the selected department stores of the city.

Once you smell Jo Malone’s cologne, with its fresh subtle, refine scents – blossom Orange, Mint, Jasmin, Verbena, Vintage Gardenia and even Rose- it’s hard, if not impossible, to go back to the manufactured perfumes, included Chanel and so forth, or even Dyptique. Though, Le labo that formulates ten flagrances by hand and on demand can be considerate too as a good option. RB 


767 5th Ave
New York, NY 10153
(212) 572-4200

Body Freaks

Nothing over 500 calories
is written on the door of this snack bar. I know the photo is so bad that I need a caption…
Body Freaks
Be thin, slim & get fit. i is a key image for the body. Be rangy.
No sweets. No alcohol. No bread. No starchy carbs. No dairy.
No hip. No thigh. No behind.
Protein. Protein. Protein. Protein.
Chicken & Tuna. No red meat.
Low-carb diets versus high-protein diets.
Nutrition Facts.
Maybe that’s why, since so many years the amazing vitamines market expanded .

Work out. Run. Work Out. Run.

NYC is a body freaks city. Beyond millions of blogs, websites, magazines… that provide information on diet and what to do to become thin, slim & fit, vital juice is an interesting on line news.


How can you live in NYC and not enroll a gym ? That’s non sense ! I enrolled Equinox. Basically it’s where the average cool new-yorker goes. It’s actually a really good way to get rid of the tensions that sometimes life brings to you but it’s above all a great spot to watch people and cultural differences. Americans are obsessed with their body and in NYC more than anywhere else. People think that the body shows who you are which is, I have to say, a moot point. It does but it’s a really complicated issue. So it’s pretty interesting to see that everybody goes to the gym. Mine in Tribeca has a lot of pregnant women which fit with the neighborhood ! But for me, it was almost shocking to see these women sweating like pigs, walking on the elliptical, using weights like crazy and every so often doing push ups… In Europe, pregnant women try to keep themselves from violent movements even though most of them work their asses off and have a busy life. They would go to Fedelkrais classes. Not only there are pregnant women but there is also a religious Jew. It’s fun to see him getting in the gym with his big black hat. He rides the bike with his kippah. Slowly. He is never on a hurry. Needless to say, that most of the women works out with headphones, magazines and black berry laying on the elliptical. When you think about it, Candace Bushnell had right under her nose all the material of Sex in the City.