Standard Hotel

strandardhotelThe Standard Hotel opened one year ago.  It was an event in NYC. Andre Balazs owns it !  The building itself is tasteless but its location is unique. The hotel is built  in the Meatpacking district right on the river -you can see the sunset reflecting on the hotel’s windows- and on the Highline where you can have the most romantic and friendly strolls ever in NYC. Though, Roman and Williams did an amazing job with the interior design.

One year later, the Standard Hotel became the place to go for a nightlife -The boom boom room- , for dinner and for sex.  In June the NY mag had a piece telling that passer-by  could witness a bit of nooky thanks to the windows facade … also Olivier Zam, super trendy Purple publisher and editor, chose the place to report on his horny life.


The Standard attracts a trendy, fashionnable, arty scene. Maybe not the most interesting butfor sure the most glamour and shiny one.

Rooms starts at $195, the average price in NYC.


848 Washington St.
(12th and 13th Sts.)


NYC I Love

6 and 43d

When I’m not in the city and I miss it terribly, here is one of its image that I remember with bliss,  colorful and highly lighted.

On 6 av and 43d street. RB©RB

Street Fashion


aNYlife is not about children business but how could Samantha resists this lovely girl whose name is Anais D’Haene. Actually Anylife will open a kid section !

Anais is  3 years old. She is American but her parents are Belgian & Korean which makes her a true new yorker !  Anais wears an H&M Scarf, a Zef sweater jacket, a Zara Leggings, Primigi Kids Mary Jane shoes and a dress made by her mommy. Anais lives in Tribeca and she loves to set the table.

Her favorites
Cheap store: Balloon Saloon

Expensive store: Kisan in Soho
Restaurants: Kori. Anais loves Korean food and Bouley Bakery for its pastries, pastries and pastries !
Nightlife place: My bedroom, sleeping with my peter rabbit.
Secret place: My big brother Nicholas’ s room with full of books and cartoon walls.
I LOVE NYC: Because it’s so beautiful and so much to do.

Samantha Adam©Samantha Adam



Art for Obama With Shepard Fairey


Today the book Art for Obama With Shepard Fairey was released. Check the awe-inspiring slideshow.

ART FOR OBAMA: Designing Manifest Hope and the Campaign for Change
Abrams Image  $22.50 US, 150 full-color illustrations; 184 pages

Dress Codes

36 Tri 3 Tschape_Triennial_03

Dress Codes: The Third ICP Triennial of Photography and Video opens tomorrow. The press preview happened this morning. This year, fashion is showed through image-makers aka contemporary artists … I have to say, the exhibition is confusing because it couldn’t avoid the void of contemporary art. That said I thought Tschape – photo above- has a fashion beauty on its flimsy and gauzy style, Cindy Sherman keeps on being funny and Hank Willis Thomas has a great idea to look at black advertisings in the 70’s and manipulated them.  The exhibition is worth for an individual prospective as for a global vision. I bet fashion photo editor and Creative Director as Grace Coddington will have a quick look at. RB©Tschape

till  January 17, 2010

here my piece on


1133 Avenue of the Americas at 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036

Marc Forgione


Marc Forgione is an elegant yet relaxed restaurant situated in Tribeca. The nice cook comes to say hello and gives some inputs on his menu. I liked the freshness of the food and the light of the receipes mostly continental. The place is quiet which is a challenge in NYC and the crowd laid-back. Last but not least, the price is fair : average of $ 25 for the main course. RB

134 Reade St
New York, NY 10013
(212) 941-9401