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A New York life is a daily News on the culture & the lifestyle of the city

Rachèle Bevilacqua founded aNYlife. She is a French journalist * based in NYC, looking for details, point of views, looks, things that will give some light about who we are. NYC is thus the right place to be.
She is excited to have Samantha Adam, a Belgium fashion journalist as the aNYlife’s eye, Kimberly Braconnier as its designer and Shazna Nessa, an English New Yorker who got here via Paris — she’s a visual journalist and our Gourmet selector.

To inquire about advertising opportunities, please email at anylifeinnewyork@gmail.com. A PDF with the ads rate will be soon on line.


Contact : anylifeinnewyork@gmail.com


3 responses to “About /Contact

  1. Nice Blog, Love it 🙂

  2. Giving visitors to NY an honest take on what’s going on in the city is a plus. This is not your ordinary traveler’s guide. Put “Time Out” aside and go directly to ANYLIFE!

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